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Jackie Kraft

Actress & Comedian

What's The Latest?

Jackie just finished filming 2 commercials! 

Jackie just finished filming a Costar role on an upcoming Ryan Murphy TV show!


New Commercials!

New VO Reel!

New Sketch!


Some Facts

About Jackie:

She was born in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

As a child, she assumed she would be the heir to the Kraft Mac and Cheese family throne, but she soon realized she had no relation to them whatsoever. 

She auditioned for her college's sketch comedy team by doing a Shrek impression... somehow she got on.

When the pandemic hit, her first three purchases were a unicycle, a bullhorn, and juggling balls.

In her free time, you can usually find her in a park or playing rec softball around the city

She signed up for the brooklyn half marathon on a whim and ran it in april!

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